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Accelerating R&D in Quantum and Ising Optimization

OpenJij provides a high-speed simulated annealing solver for QUBO and Ising models, designed with a user-friendly Python interface for seamless integration with other optimization tools.

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Why OpenJij?

Fast and Open Source

OpenJij offers a fast solution to QUBO and Ising models, fully open source for transparency and flexibility.

Easy-to-use Python Interface

Designed for easy integration, allowing seamless use with other optimization tools and libraries.

JijModeling for Practical Problems

Automatically convert constrained optimization problems to QUBO with JijModeling, enabling efficient solutions.

Advanced Solver Support

Supports simulated and simulated quantum annealing, facilitating research in quantum computing technologies.

Solver for Higher-order Models

Unique solver that optimizes higher-order models (HUBO) without reducing to quadratic terms, for efficient high-performance computation.

Extensive Learning Resources

Rich tutorials and documentation available for students, researchers, and developers looking to delve into Ising optimization.

How to Install

pip install openjij

Start your optimization projects with OpenJij today. It's as simple as running the pip install command.

Documentation & Tutorials

Explore our extensive documentation and tutorials to get up and running with OpenJij. Whether you're a student new to Ising optimization, a researcher, or a developer, we have something for you.

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